Welcome to Sexploitation Sleazecast - the sketchiest podcast around!  Here we watch, discuss, and review weird, sex-related films of all kinds, from the worst pornos imaginable to nudie-cuties and roughies from the 50's and 60's, artsy films from the 70's, 80's, & 90's, and everything in between, with all the boobage, dangle, and internal fluids you can stand!  And you won't need your rubber raincoat!  Join hosts Paul A. Presenza (known as the MooCow!) and Rebecca Rinehart as they plunge deep, deep, deep into the sketchiest, wackiest, and moost grotesque Adult stinkers ever made!

We have an unusual rating scale here at the Sleazecast; moovies will be ranked and awarded Points based on cow much they titillate the viewer, which goes as follows:

1. Is the moovie Boneworthy (ie: is sexy and gives you a boner), and if so cow many boners do you awards (1-5, each Boner = 10 Points)

2. If the moovie is NOT Boneworthy, Choose an non-Boner Ranking:
Half-Staff - Meh, neither good nor bad, kind of in-between (5 Points)
Mr. Softy - Bad flick, crappy, Oh so not hot (0 Points)
Frightened Turtle - Horrible Flick, Scarring, Ruins Sex/Nudity (-5 Points)

Boneworthy flicks may be awarded up to a total of 5 Boners (or up to 50 points), depending on how enthusiastic the reviewer feels towards it. All other awards (Half Staff, Mr. Softy, Frightened Turtle) can only be awarded once per film per viewer. Therefore, between 2 reviewers a film can generate a score ranging between -10 (2 Frightened Turtles) up to 100 (5 Boners from each viewer).

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